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Energy Centre, Ipswich Hospital

Instruction – Planning strategy and project management advice in support of a planning application to develop an Energy Centre at Ipswich Hospital as part of a carbon footprint reduction initiative being progressed by the Hospital Trust

Client – Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust

Project Details – Planning permission for an Energy Centre was required to support the Hospital Trust’s initiative to reduce its carbon footprint. The Energy Centre would be capable of generating approximately 80% of the Hospital’s electricity requirements from used cooking oil, a non-toxic low carbon bio-degradable fuel source. Planning permission was granted in 2013 and the Energy Centre is due to be constructed in 2015

LPP’s role

– Project management of planning application process
– Coordination of specialist technical inputs covering Architectural drawings, Visual Impact Analysis, Acoustic and Air Quality assessments and an Environmental Report
– Pre-application discussions with the LPA including scoping of the form of the planning application
– Organising a community engagement exercise
– Preparation and submission of planning application and liaison with LPA and consultees
– Securing planning consent with no pre-commencement conditions